The Distillery

Welcome to The Distillery, an online interview series hosted by Lee Shang Lun. Each half-hour episode is a livestreamed conversation that concentrates on the subject's unique perspective and expertise. The aim is to draw out simple ideas from deep discussion.

Episode 37 – Leo Flander

Leo Flander

9 July 2020 6:30 PM

Leo Flander is a Jewish oil painter from Melbourne, Australia. While he grew up as ‘the film kid’ throughout high school, he fell head over heels in love with oil painting at the end of his bachelors of illustration in 2015. He is most interested in how we see ourselves in the images that are made around us, and helping people connect deeply to art and the stories of others. Mostly he LOVES to make things with other people: Art that makes people have lots of tears and hugs.