The Distillery

Welcome to The Distillery, an online interview series hosted by Lee Shang Lun. Each half-hour episode is a livestreamed conversation that concentrates on the subject's unique perspective and expertise. The aim is to draw out simple ideas from deep discussion.

Episode 7 – Youlin Koh

Youlin Koh

16 May 2020 2:00 PM

Dr. Youlin Koh is a cardiology trainee who is rather interested in being a jack of all trades. Master of none, you say? Youlin agrees, but that’s not a problem.

Youlin enjoys practicing medicine but enjoys the learning process involved even more. Always dabbling in new and random skills, she has interests that range from a Masters in Biostatistics, writing short fiction, Olympic style weightlifting and drawing.

As a result, Youlin has taken an active interest in the process and psychology of skill mastery (and also what to do when mastery feels too hard). She also believes that variety is the key to remaining inspired, motivated and creative.