The Distillery

Welcome to The Distillery, an online interview series hosted by Lee Shang Lun. Each half-hour episode is a livestreamed conversation that concentrates on the subject's unique perspective and expertise. The aim is to draw out simple ideas from deep discussion.

Episode 18 – Helen Berents

Helen Berents

28 May 2020 6:30 PM

Dr Helen Berents is a feminist researcher interested in the politics of children and youth in conflict and peace. She is a senior lecturer and currently an Australian Research Council DECRA Fellow in the School of Justice, Faculty of Law, Queensland University of Technology.

Helen's work is motivated by a genuine belief in the importance of recognising the contributions and capacities of children and youth in navigating violence and building peace. She is interested in how young people are represented in crises and conflict, as well as how young people themselves advocate and work for peace; and her work is always underpinned by a feminist curiosity and commitment. Helen has lived all over Australia as well as in Latin America, and when she’s not working she is probably baking cakes.