The Distillery

Welcome to The Distillery, an online interview series hosted by Lee Shang Lun. Each half-hour episode is a livestreamed conversation that concentrates on the subject's unique perspective and expertise. The aim is to draw out simple ideas from deep discussion.

Episode 30 – Aminullah Yaqohbi & Irene Symeonidis

Aminullah Yaqohbi

12 June 2020 6:30 PM

Amin Yaqohbi is the head coach of the Australian wrestling team and the founder of Mat Masters Academy in Oakleigh. With over 30 years of wrestling experience, Amin is passionate about passing on his experience and knowledge to current and future Australian wrestlers. Aside from wrestling skills, Amin endeavours to teach his students teamwork, respect, discipline, and integrity. He sees his role as a mentor to young people, ensuring their physical and mental wellbeing.

Irene Symeonidis

Irene Symeonidis began wrestling competitively in 2014. She is a multiple national and state champion in her division and has represented Australia in international competitions including the Commonwealth Championship Singapore 2016, Jagsport Invitational Singapore, Oceania Guam 2019, and World Championships Kazakhstan 2019.